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E-Commerce Web & App Development

E – commerce or electronic commerce includes all commercial transactions taking place remotely through electronic and digital interfaces.

  • E-commerce mainly includes commercial transactions taking place on the Internet from different types of terminals ( computers, tablets, smartphones, consoles, connected TVs ) but also those made from specific applications ( mobile applications) that do not always use Internet protocols.

  • E-commerce has become the main channel of distance selling which explains the replacement of the term mail order by distance selling.

  • E-commerce covers only part of the issues of Internet commerce because business presence on the Internet also influences the purchases made in retail outlets or through other channels.

  • Indeed, the solution takes into account all the data generated by the thousands of online interactions (web analytic, product catalog, marketing activities, and costs, supply chain, inventory, cost ), and restores tables edge needed to understand online transactions and identification of actions to be implemented. Recent appear as scheduled by priority according to their real impact in terms of sales and profit lists.

  • The operation aims to support global growth dynamic action, Decision Intelligence solution developed by E-commerce which improves digital business performance.

  • CFC Software is expanding rapidly and with this round of funding, the company is now part of companies to the fastest-growing market. This growth was driven by the strong demand of today’s market. CFC Software is specializing in the e-commerce business. Our experts have always applied new ideas on how to do better performance in this competitive world.