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Business applications to send SMS wholesale volume to the world with CFC Software.

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Bulk sms service

Here are several business solutions to send bulk SMS from business applications and your own databases, CRM as Customer Relationship Management. All applications that we offer can be integrated into different ways, each of the applications provide specific solutions for the dissemination of information.

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We will offer professional applications shipments of bulk SMS with hardware and powerful software, which usually involves maintenance and internal skills necessary. Our gateway meets a set of requirements that allows thebulk sms company uses to be completely autonomous in its broadcasting messages on mobile.

All your administrative and technical services may be connected to this gateway to send SMS with GSM modem or connection with our multi-platform operators form.
Business applications for sending Bulk SMS from packages.

We have developed several professional applications for sending SMS for mass communication on mobile phones, businesses equip themselves for their internal and external needs.

Banks send SMS mass beginning of each month to learn about your bank account. Is a broadcasting service that sends an automatic message to all bank customers who have selected the service a message indicating their account balance via SMS. In a few minutes, thousands of customers are informed in real time by an alert intelligent, secure and professional.

Stores communicate heavily on mobile for customer loyalty via SMS with promotional offers. Marketing departments have understood the interest of SMS it is immediate and reached the target on the mobile in real time. Mobile marketing mass is far less expensive, more focused and direct in a few seconds you communicate with thousands of contacts on their mobile phones, while a mailing campaign by mail that it takes several days to arrive and reading n has not a high success rate.

Town halls spread use large quantities of messages to disseminate daily information to promote or disseminate cultural, administrative and sporting activities of the municipality and inform administered activities related to the life of the town. Local communities consume large amounts of SMS to send SMS alerts flood, SMS weather alert, etc. and prevent the populations affected by these alerts.

When a weather alert is triggered by the services of the state (prefecture, county council,) there is an urgent need to send SMS alerts hundreds of thousands because people should be warned about a potential and imminent risk, the more quickly as possible regardless of the place where she is.

Transport use mass SMS to alert travelers when traffic is disrupted (accident, work, weather events). A message is sent to users informing SMS disturbances train line or as concerned. This application broadcast alert in transport is widely used by the general counsel or the coach that make school transport.

Discounters: Chain Store which offers low-cost and communicates with huge volumes. Their use of SMS is very important. Each campaign messages sent on mobile return rate is excellent customer flock in thousands to snatch promotion day.
Send bulk SMS with professional applications

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