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CFC Software welcomes you to the new era of internet which helps you to enrich your business goal in this competitive IT world.

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Heart of our business is the optimization for search engines. We offer you our expertise in the field of Web marketing.

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Marketing has been one of the most activities “affected” by the development of the Internet.

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PPC is the method of payment most widely used by service providers offering service parking domain names.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a new discipline of marketing and communication. It relates to any transaction marketing strategy to promote products and services through media or digital channel or digital communication.

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Concepts and keywords associated with digital marketing
Digital marketing, digital Targeting, 360 ° customer view, multi -channel strategy

How digital marketing works?
With the development of web and mobile phones worldwide, communication channels multiply. These new channels that communicate towards consumers is targeting new opportunities for actors Direct Marketing and advertisers.

Among other new channels of communication: social networks, mobile phones , interactive television , the product placement in video games . Channels from the digital marketing associate with more traditional channels operated by direct marketing to develop true multichannel strategies. The goal is to integrate all communication channels to enhance customer knowledge of all possible links between an individual and a brand and develop more personalized and therefore more effective communication with the latter interactions.

Why to choose us for digital marketing?

CFC Software provides digital marketing technologies, decision engines and agency board at your service, know-how to boost your digital marketing.

CFC Software helps you to focus on the “moment of truth” when consumers engage directly with the brand. Focus its marketing efforts on the audience that are considered on high potential, is only part of the answer. Channel choice and offer the most appropriate is just as crucial.

CFC Software uses both its targeting capabilities, and capitalizes on the logging of interactions between the customer and the brand to increase the success rate of your marketing objectives. To build on the lessons targeting at customer engagement, it is necessary to call a decision engine advanced connected to your marketing database.

Without the ability to offer a better user experience, all your efforts will be in vain targeting. In contrast, a personalized offer marketing and creative message can multiply by four conversions. So you can redirect investment into unproductive marketing campaigns customized. Coordination custom all products and channels marketing actions is a key concept.

Thanks to its client and its know-how data mining (profile study, calculating scores marketing, segmentation bases … ) knowledge , CFC Software brings you practical solutions to accelerate your multi-channel development. This will allow you to get the right message to the right customer at the right time and through the best channel.

Identifying appetite channel your customers and prospects, you are able to customize and adapt to your multi-channel profile of each of them. It becomes possible to offer your customers personalized messages and offers better customer generators and facilitate the achievement of your goals processing and sales experience.

Through its marketing strategy consulting teams, cfc software’s digital marketing team is able to assist you in marketing thinking based on customer knowledge. They will help you set up devices to campaign: create an engagement with the mark irrespective channel boost customer satisfaction and improve your brand image achieve tangible marketing results in measurable ROI recruit new high-value customers on your core target

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Internet marketing is a important part of digital marketing.It is based upon advertisement of the website to the consumer.

Is your business able to respond in real time signals from customers and prospects?
The integration of customer data interact with your customers in real time, with relevance: capitalize on your customer knowledge at critical phases that determine your success.The decision engines will help you to generate how to show your website add in front of your consumer.

Call to cfc software platform, which connects to your own customer information systems to make your marketing more effective.

Custom Marketing Solution
Marketing solutions that help you select the channel and offers best suited when you target your customers and prospects.more
Base Prospecting digital marketing
Make the performance of your campaigns operational marketing conquest constituting you a base prospecting dedicated, qualified and segmented multiple use for prospecting multi-channel.more
Channel selection

Whatever contact method chosen by your client, we combine consumer behavior with marketing requests on all channels over temps.

Customization offers & messages
At the time of customer engagement with the brand, we allow you to present to the client the content that is most likely to occur in a transaction.
Email marketing 
Re-targeting Email to Display offers the possibility to optimize the commercial pressure on openers users of your email campaigns by refocusing on channel display.more

Pay per click

Our mission is to help marketing people to offer personalized customer and coordinated at all points of contact in a world of perpetual change commitment.more

Web designing
Graphic design, html, user interface development, writing and others, our creative teams will meet all your needs for operational marketing in all media ( e -mail , micro site , online gaming sites … ) .

Social Media Optimization
CFC Software offers to ensure the visibility of your creative devices and generate traffic through proven mechanical (banners / display, sponsored links, newsletters, campaign e -mail , affiliation and social networks).more