Pay Per Click

Definition of PPC ( Pay Per Click)

The PPC stands for Pay Per Click is an online advertising model whereby an advertiser pays a certain amount to a publisher that has chosen to promote a given campaign (often evidenced by a link or banner ). The remuneration of the publisher by the advertiser occur “click”, i.e. each time a user visiting the publisher site clicks on the link or banner that says sponsored in question.

Most of the time, the price per click is determined by an auction system, companies like Google and its Ad words and Ad-sense services being specialized in the developing relationship between publishers and advertisers. The system responds to the principle of supply and demand: more keywords (a search engine) or location (on a publisher’s site) will be prized than CPC (Cost Per Click) will be high for the advertiser.

Pay Per Click

PPC is the method of payment most widely used by service providers offering service parking domain names. Whenever a user clicks on a contextual link displayed on a parked page they visit, the service car key from his supplier of advertising content (i.e. Google, Yahoo ... ) a commission on the amount that he will himself touched by the advertiser for that click. Then the provider campaigning shares this commission with the holder of the domain name originally clicked. That is why we also speak of sponsored links. Note that in terms of parking, pay per click depends on the topic of domain name (mainly materialized by a selected by the holder of the domain name keyword, the service pack, or advertising content provider itself) and that this remuneration is generally not fixed or known in advance. It is even common to hear that the PPC model applied to domain parking is a form of a black box, since the sharing of profits (revenue share) for a given click is communicated transparently or by the provider advertising content of his “partner” the service park or the park service of its customer the holder of the domain name.
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PPC is somehow halfway between CPM and CPA

CPM (Cost per month ) is a method of payment whereby an advertiser pays a publisher given for 1000 displays it’s advertising on the site or sites of this amount ( campaign materialized in most cases by a banner rather than a simple link ). Compensation is therefore carried out regardless of the number of clicks on the advertisement. We can thus say that the advertiser pays displays his campaign (also called impressions) weight.

CPA (Cost Per Action) is a form of compensation by which the publisher (or affiliate) is commissioned by the advertiser for each qualified prospect that the first refers to the site of the second. The concept of qualified prospect is defined by the performance by the prospect of a predefined by the advertiser share (controlling a quote, subscription to a newsletter, participate in a contest ) . The PPP still rare in the parking domain names market, however, is proposed as an alternative means of monetization by some providers.

What sponsored links (PPC)?

Sponsored links are a form of online advertising through which advertisers pay only when their host their ad is clicked. Sponsored links are one of the common forms of advertising Online ads and sponsored links usually appear on the results pages of the search engine and the content websites.

Sponsored links allow advertisers to target easily Internet users seeking information, products, or services related to their industry.

How can help sponsored links my company?

Sponsored links are a great way to quickly get exposure of your websites. A ppc campaign can be set up for a day and provides a large way to attract potential customers to a new website or to a service or to a particular product. Sponsored links allow you to target consumers who are most likely to benefit from your product or service. Unlike most forms of advertising, The ppc campaign gives advertisers the ability to target people who are more likely to use their product. Sponsored links allow you to target consumers specific locations. Depending on the nature of your business, a PPC campaign can be adapted to target consumers of specific regions and/or countries. Sponsored links guarantee exposure at an affordable price. There are many options available with sponsored links and marketing campaigns that can be tailored to meet precisely to your budget.

How do they work sponsored links?

Work PPC allows advertisers to choose exactly the keywords and key phrases of their ads. It is generally beneficial for advertisers to use keywords relevant to the product, and many hosts (including Google) will insist that is the case.PPC ads are extremely common and can be found on most types of Web pages. Most of results pages search engines display a number of ads sponsored links and appear generally adjacent to the ” natural search results . ads sponsored links appear frequently on the “content” pages and even some webmail sites like Google and Yahoo -mail message. Although there have many providers sponsored links, the most important operators are Google Ads, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft ad Center , which are associated the three most popular search engines (Google , Yahoo and MSN) .

Additional use of the results pages, additional search engines and services web-mail, these providers also give private operators website the ability to generate additional revenue by hosting ads. All PPC campaigns will begin with keyword research key that identifies which sentences people use once looking for your products or services. These phrases are used to create ads that appear when someone searches for a selected word. The cost of PPC campaign may also be estimated at this stage. Once the campaign is configured and running, regular reports and analysis performance are checked. The test of different ads or choices of keywords, all help refine and optimize the campaign. Relevance Web Marketing offers two types of PPC campaigns:

Quick Setup PPC campaigns and Dynamic Campaigns PPC. A quick setup is ideal for customers with smaller budgets.

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What is the price of sponsored links?

There are no fixed rates for advertising sponsored links and Cost per Click (CPC) of a PPC ad is dependent on a number of factors including the choice keywords, the location of the announcement and its frequency and timing. There are two main methods for determining CPC ads sponsored links, Rate fixed and auction” system. Fixed rate of sponsored links With the model of fixed-rate PPC, advertisers and publishers agree on a fixed price per click. The fixed rate PPC has the tendency to be used mainly on the websites based on the content as the shopping comparison engines. The fixed rate PPC has to be less likely than there is less competition bidding for advertising space.

The model of auction PPC system advertisers competing for advertising space through a private auction. More an advertiser provides the highest its ad will appear on the list. Examples of system PPC auction include advertisements appear on the results pages of Google. Once the CPC is established, the advertiser will set its budget overall. This budget can be set on a daily basis, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually and determines the maximum amount you are willing to spend a PPC campaign. For example, if your CPC is 1 $ and your budget is 100 $, while it be 100 “clicks” to spend your budget. As soon as your ad budget is spent not reappear until moment when the next payment period begins.

What is the best choice for my company?

Referencing and sponsored links have attributes different and it is often appropriate to use both techniques in a marketing campaign. Marketing campaigns are generally more effective if they employ more different strategies. As each site and product are different, there is no way to determine.